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Jewelry has always been a labor of love for me. I personally make each piece by hand, carefully selecting every bead, stone, feather, or pearl, choosing materials for their uniqueness, beauty, and functionality. I then work to find the design that most compliments the qualities of the materials at hand to make a piece that feels comfortable and natural, like a second skin. All pieces are one of a kind, or made in small batches of five or less, creating a personalized experience for the wearer. 

Nature inspired 

From the time I was a kid making necklaces from shells I found on the beach, I have been inspired by the colors and materials of the forest and ocean. Jewelry is a way to connect with nature and express my love for the beauty of the coastal environment I call home.  The name April Fish comes from "poisson d'avril," the French April Fool's Day tradition of attaching a paper fish to a person's back without their knowledge. I see this as a playful and poetic metaphor for our connection to nature and how it is always there, even when we are not aware of it. 


Made by
Marlowe Emerson

Everyday wear

My goal is to create jewelry that is comfortable and easy to wear, but also beautiful and unique. The April Fish style combines simplicity and rarity to elevate the everyday jewelry experience. I love sharing the treasures I find by creating something that people can appreciate and enjoy for years to come. Jewelry is personal and meaningful, and I am honored each time someone selects one of my pieces to add to the small pleasures of their daily life. My deepest gratitude for sharing this experience with me.

- M.E. 

Marlowe Emerson is a visual artist and designer based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Her many creative endeavors are inspired by a single purpose - discovering the wisdom of nature through art. Drawing on her Native American family history, Marlowe uses art as an intuitive practice and language through which we can communicate with nature to learn more about ourselves and our relationship with the natural world. Find out more at  Follow @marloweemerson.

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